Dinesh Jain

Dinesh Jain Principal

At CHD Real Estate, Dinesh serves as Principal. He is extremely professional, dedicated, and driven to produce outstanding results. He is incredibly passionate about making sure that his clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Dinesh is aware that deciding to buy, sell or rent a home can change your life, therefore he is committed to making the process enjoyable, stress-free, and rewarding for buyers, sellers, and landlords. His excellent interpersonal abilities and in-depth understanding of the local market enable him to establish a reputation as a client's trusted counsel. He is effective and productive by organising his work and making plans. He accomplishes significant goals and objectives by planning well and being organised.

Dinesh speaks English, Hindi, and Punjabi with ease. He is a local resident with over 2 years of experience providing trusted and reliable client guidance. He is graduated and have 6 years’ experience in marketing and planning.

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